Why Danu?

At Danu, we believe in transparency. We're not a fan of plastic and disposable products, we're also not keen on chemicals so we make products that are natural, reusable and chemical free. Danu isn't for everyone and that's OK, we're not about forcing our views but if you're interested in an alternative then read on.

On average a woman will have 480 periods and use approximately 12,000 tampons or pads in her life. Most of the women we have spoken to say they spend on average about $15 a period, so take that and multiply it over 480 periods and women are spending $7200 just to feel somewhat comfortable and protected during their period.  

That's a lot of money and a lot of waste for a very basic need. Periods happen, postpartum bleeding happens and incontinence happens, surely there is a better way? That's exactly what Joanna thought when she set out to create the Flow Pad.

She said no to plastic, no to chemicals, no to unnecessary waste and no to spending money on disposables. If like us, you're ready to say 'no' and instead try a natural, non toxic option during your period then we made Danu for you

Our Formula

Our pads have been developed using a formula of layered organic bamboo for maximum absorbency and do not contain any plastics. All Danu products follow the simple principle of wearwash and reuse 

Everyone experiences their period differently so we listened and made the products you wanted. Our pads can be worn with our specially designed underwear or you can purchase winged pads and wear them with your own undies. We also offer briefs with built in pads. The choice is all yours.