Size Guide

Please use the size guide below to check your measurements and ensure you chose the correct size for you. If you have any questions regarding fit, please email us at and we will be more than happy to help.


Size (UK/NZ/AUS) Underwear (Waist) Pads (Length)
6 25" / 63.5cm 8" / 20.3cm
8 26" / 66cm 8" / 20.3cm
10 27" / 68.6cm 9" / 22.8cm
12 29" / 73.6cm 10" / 25.4cm
14 31" / 78.7cm 11" / 27.9cm
16 32" / 81.2cm 12" / 30.5cm


Sizing Notes

When ordering our underwear and removable pads, we suggest ordering the same size pad as your pant so that the pad will fit correctly inside the pant insert area provided. 

Our pads come in various different lengths and we have indicated the suggested length for you based on dress size, however if you would prefer a shorter or longer pad please order based on the length measurements provided above.