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Flow Pad (3 Pack)

Flow Pad (3 Pack)

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The Flow Pad offers you 100% natural protection during your period. Designed to be inserted into one of our period pants and can be reused month after month. Our Flow Pad is completely chemical free and has been formulated for maximum absorbency.

  • Chemical free
  • Synthetic fibre free
  • 100% Organic Bamboo
  • Naturally soft
  • Reusable
  • Machine Washable
  • Made in New Zealand

      Made from 100% Organic Bamboo

      Please click here to learn more about caring for your Danu products.

      The absorbency of a regular tampon or liner is usually between 6-9ml. Our product absorbency is as follows:

      • Light - up to 5ml
      • Medium - up to 10ml
      • Heavy - up to 20ml
      • Post-Birth - up to 30ml

      Flow Pad: Place your pad (softer, slightly fluffy side to your body) into the inset area in the gusset of one of our underwear styles, this will keep the pad in place.

      Winged Flow Pad and Winged Post Birth Pad: Place your pad (softer, slightly fluffy side to your body) in your own underwear and fold the wings around and underneath your gusset, then button to keep in place.

      Take a look at our video guides for more info.